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Dressing up to go to the store, to class, to walk around the town. The girls here really are gorgeous and dress beautifully. Moldovans, especially DUDE DATING Guy. living in cities, love dressing up.

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For Moldovan women, a nice dress, full makeup, hair done and some heels are perfect attire for a casual walk. The girls here for the most part are really beautiful and take care of themselves. There is a high premium on being thin, beautiful and well dressed, which is why many Moldovans have fewer, but nicer clothes and take really good care to keep their clothes and shoes clean and looking like new. A strong affinity for homemade alcohol.

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Almost every family here seems to produce their own wine and many also produce their own rachiu, or homemade liquor. I am not a fan of raciu at all, but I have had some delicious homemade wine. You also have to be careful of new wine since this wine is still fermenting and it will continue to ferment in your stomach after you drink it, causing an upset stomach.

Children living with their grandparents.

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Not smiling at strangers. Not smiling is a thing. Smiling openly, often and in public is not generally a thing here.

Smiles are genuine and to be shared with friends, family and other loved ones. Sitting down at the table for a meal and staying there for hours.

When groups of Moldovans get together for dinner, lunch or almost any meal they will sit down, eat, drink and talk. Then they will talk, drink and eat some more. Always keeping your bags. Seriously, Moldovans rarely, ever, ever throw away any bags — you just never know when you might need one.

Almost every grocery store charges for bags, so keeping your old ones and reusing them or carrying a cloth one is actually a really good idea for saving money and the environment. Preparing way more food than is necessary for when friends come over.

16 Norms of Moldova

There will almost never be less than six dishes on the table, even for a dinner for three. And most of it will have tons of mayo. There will always be too much of everything so pace yourself and develop a taste for leftovers. Making lots and lots of toasts. Toasts and toasts and more toasts are standard.

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Meeting complete strangers and then becoming friends with them immediately. And then inviting DUDE DATING Guy. over DUDE DATING Guy. cognac or some house wine after only 10 minutes of conversation. You DUDE DATING Guy. also, in addition to alcohol, bring flowers or a cake, both usually go over well. I will say while this is more common here than in the states, this was something my mother taught me growing up as well; never show up to a dinner party without a gift for the host or hostess.

Opening your bananas from the side without the stem.

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To me this was bizarre to watch — Moldovans open their bananas, almost always from the side without the longer handle.

They then use the handle to hold the banana as they eat it.


Never wearing shoes inside and always wearing slippers inside. When you enter a Moldovan house you always remove your shoes at the door. For a lot of volunteers this was an adjustment, but for me this was standard.

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My mother at home enforced this rule in her home DUDE DATING Guy. it worked well for keeping the carpets cleaner, so it makes sense in the land of dust that people do this. Not leaving windows open or if you do, never leaving the door to the room open as well. A lot of Moldovans, believe that the current or wind has the ability to get you sick. Congratulating one another on getting out of a shower or sauna. People do go to saunas here.

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Time being potentially a more fluid concept than we are used to in the states. While this attitude certainly is changing and seems to be considered less than professional, there is a higher tolerance for being late for things and a much less rigid definition of what on time for something means.

It is not uncommon for someone to arrive for a meeting minutes or even an hour after it began, without apology, explanation or anyone batting an eye.

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Another cultural trend or norm here — people are less likely to voice negative opinions publicly, especially at work than they would be in the states. Disclaimer: I can not begin to summarize an entire culture in 16 points, these are just 16 that have struck me since being here. These are not applicable to everyone in Moldova and should not be taken as such. This list was inspired DUDE DATING Guy. and borrowed heavily from a list titled, 16 Things Russians Do That Americans would find Weird ; there were a few that were applicable to my experience in Moldova, which is unsurprising since I live in a heavily Russian area of the country and Moldova is a former soviet republic.