Eastern East Girl

Eastern East Girl

Inthe territory of Poland was divided between the two invading countries. The Eastern section of Eastern East Girl was occupied by the Soviet Union, and soon afterward Moscow started a schedule of mass deportations.

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Hundreds of thousands of Polish citizens were compelled to leave their homes and were sent to Kazakhstan, Siberia, and other parts of the USSR. There were several series of deportations, during which entire families were separated from one another and sent to terrible refugee camps in various regions of the Soviet Union.

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A Polish boy carrying loaves of bread provided by the Red Cross Photo Credit A Polish girl landscaping the patch of earth in front of her tent. The photographer noted that the Poles took great pride in the cleanliness of their camp. Photo Credit A Polish woman holding her baby girl at an evacuee camp in Tehran.

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In the latter part of and earlythe Polish refugee camps in Iran were located in Ahvaz, Isfahan, Mashhad, and Tehran. The first schools for the refugees were opened in Tehran and one year later there were ten Polish educational institutions opened.

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The summer of saw the first arrival of Polish refugees in Palestine. They were mostly boys and girls aged 14 to 18 who were supporters of the Polish Army as members of a scout organization while in the Soviet Union.

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These scouts were ordered to Camp Bashit where the boys and girls were divided into several groups and started their education. A tent city housing Polish evacuees on the outskirts of Tehran A woman decorating the front yard of her tent with a Polish eagle Photo Credit A young Polish refugee saluting outside his tent.

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Photo Credit Evacuees wore donated woolen bathrobes as overcoats. Photo Credit Polish children playing among the dormitories of a Red Cross camp on the outskirts of Tehran.

Photo Credit During August oftwo schools were constructed for the children — one for the younger ones aged 8 —15 and one for the Eastern East Girl children; attendance began on September 1, In total, between andthe Polish schools in Palestine were teaching 1, students.

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Additionally, in Egypt, there were schools for the refugees at Heliopolis and Tall al-Kabir. During andthere were 26 schools for Polish refugees in the Middle East.

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Photo Credit Polish women making their own clothing at a camp in Tehran Photo Credit Polish woman kissing her grandaughter Photo Credit In mid, the fate of the deported Poles Eastern East Girl considerably. This private group included a large number of Polish orphans whose parents had perished in Soviet camps.

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